Anodising for CNC machined parts


At our anodising facility, milturn finishing we can anodise to suit your requirements; in terms of colour and finish and to achieve the degree of build-up as required by the components' application.

Types of Anodising

Sulphuric is best known as a cosmetic finish in that it is 0.006mm per surface and has a luster finish to enhance the final product at the same time sealing the aluminium from the elements.

Hard anodise is for the more hard wearing properties and usually has an etched surface for consistency . The anodize here is usually to a depth of 0.013mm per surface.

Alchromate is not entirely for protection but a very good base for paint or other suitable finishes whilst at the same time sealing the component.

Ammonia Bronze is used to take the shine from brass components or to add an aged appearance.

Hard anodise PTFE coated is perfect for hard wearing component use where friction is critical, provides a coating of PTFE to standard hard anodize allowing moving components to move more freely whilst reducing the damage over time by such movement e.g. bearings.

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