Precision engineering for aerospace, automotive, motorsport and photographic industries
Precision engineering for aerospace, automotive, marine, motorsport and photographic industries

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Welcome to MILTURN precision engineering

Our leading-edge customers are from a wide variety of industries. The one thing they share in common is the demand for; fine components, delivered on-time. Without this they could not ensure that their products and technologies continue to push the boundaries in performance and quality.

Our versatility allows us to undertake the manufacture of Prototypes and batch work large or small. Working in conjunction with our metal finishers we offer the solution to your manufacturing problem. From procurement of material right through to finished component. We manage the entire process to give you peace of mind.

We are proud of our strong reputation for delivering excellent service, and were one of the first UK companies to achieve ISO 9001 2000, an internationally recognised standard that clearly demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality. Our work force are highly skilled, self motivated and committed to giving customer satisfaction and service.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to find an engineering company that can facilitate our requirements and excessive demands on an almost daily basis. Quality and prompt delivery are a necessity for us as we serve some of the worlds top printing manufacturers. MILTURN have more than met our expectations in all areas”

Graham Harris (Managing Director) - Tech-ni-fold Ltd

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